The tools in this collection were developed in a range of collaborative UKRI and Welsh Government funded projects, in collaboration with a range of researchers, consultants and advisors representing community, industry and academic stakeholders. Details of contributors to specific tools/projects are included below.

GDC-WDG is coordinated and maintained by Dawn Knight (Cardiff University), in collaboration with Paul Rayson, Mo El-Haj and Nouran Khallaf (Lancaster University), with support from the Welsh Government.

To find out more about the academic researchers and their collaborators, participating institutions, projects and funders who contributed to the development of the resources on this site, please click the relevant link(s) below. You can also,

  • follow us on Twitter: @GDCWDG
  • contact the team: CorCenCC@cardiff.ac.uk


The ACC project was funded by the Welsh Government (2021-2022). The ACC team included PI – Dawn Knight (Cardiff University); CIs – Jonathan Morris (Cardiff University), Mo El-Haj and Ignatius Ezeani (Lancaster University); RAs – Ianto Gruffydd, Katharine Young, Nia Eyre, a Lynne Davies; Summarisers – Heledd Ainsworth, Aur Bleddyn, Esyllt Einion, Bethan Evans, Madlen Evans, Lisa Evans, Emma Herbert, Mali Hire, Megan Huws, Sian Morgan, Daniel O’Callaghan, Dafydd Orritt, Cêt Roberts a Hari Timms Rhianwen Williams.


CorCenCC was an ESRC/AHRC funded research project (Grant Number ES/M011348/1, 2016-2020). The CorCenCC project involved 4 academic institutions (Cardiff, Swansea, Lancaster and Bangor Universities), and an international team of researchers, consultants and advisors representing community, industry and academic stakeholders.

The CorCenCC team included PI – Dawn Knight; CIs – Tess Fitzpatrick, Steve Morris, Irena Spasić, Paul Rayson, Enlli Thomas, Mark Stonelake, Alex Lovell, Jonathan Morris and Jeremy Evas; RAs – Steven Neale, Jennifer Needs, Mair Rees, Scott Piao, Ignatius Ezeani and Gareth Watkins; PhD students – Vigneshwaran Muralidaran and Bethan Tovey-Walsh; Consultants – Kevin Donnelly, Kevin Scannell, Laurence Anthony, Tom Cobb, Michael McCarthy and Margaret Deuchar; Project Advisory Group – Colin Williams, Karen Corrigan, Llion Jones, Maggie Tallerman, Mair Parry-Jones, Gwen Awbery, Emyr Davies, Gareth Morlais, Owain Roberts, Aran Jones and Andrew Hawke. 


FreeTxt was an AHRC-funded project (Grant Number AH/W004844/1, 2022-2023). The FreeTxt team included PI – Dawn Knight (Cardiff University); CIs – Paul Rayson and Mo El-Haj (Lancaster University); RAs – Steve Morris (Cardiff University), Ignatius Ezeani and Nouran Khallaf (Lancaster University); Project Advisory Group – National Trust Wales, Cadw, Museum Wales, CBAC | WJEC a National Centre for Learning Welsh.


The creation of Geirfan was inspired by a collaborative corpus-based Welsh wordlist project led by researchers from Cardiff University (Dawn Knight and Bethan Tovey-Walsh), CorCenCC (the National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh – Steve Morris), the National Centre for Learning Welsh (Helen Prosser), and CBAC/WJEC (Emyr Davies) and was funded by an ESRC-IAA grant.


Thesawrws was funded by the Welsh Government (2022-2023). The Thesawrws team included PI – Jonathan Morris (Cardiff University); CIs Dawn Knight (Cardiff University) and Mo El-Haj (Lancaster University); RAs Elin Arfon (Cardiff University) and Nouran Khalaf (Lancaster University).

Y Tiwtiadur

Y Tiwtiadur was funded as part of the ESRC/AHRC funded CorCenCC project (Grant Number ES/M011348/1), and included the same project team in its development.

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