Y Tiwtiadur

Y Tiwtiadur is an online pedagogic toolkit which draws on data from the CorCenCC corpus. The tool includes a gap-fill or cloze exercise creator, a vocab profiler tool which colour codes words in a text according to their different frequency bands, a word identifier tool for guessing a word in context, and a word task creator tool which enables tutors can blank out a target word in concordance lines and learners have to identify what is missing.


Geirfan is a dictionary for adult learners of Welsh. The creation of this resource was inspired by a collaborative corpus-based Welsh wordlist project led by researchers from Cardiff UniversityCorCenCC (the National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh), the National Centre for Learning Welsh, and CBAC/WJEC. The dictionary is currently limited to 60 entries, because it is in its pilot-testing phase. Feedback from users/testers of the resource will help to improve the dictionary and will shape the approach to creating future entries.

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